Monitoring baby’s movement 

Interesting phase of pregnancy:

Women will feel completed during the pregnancy phase. The pregnancy will be not same for all ladies. Some will enjoy the pregnancy a lot buy some other will suffer due to vomiting issues top baby monitors. There will be mood swings too. The women can’t control their feelings at once. They feel like crying, shouting and happy without reasons too. The surrounding people needs to adjust with their moods for the healthy baby growth. Whatever the mother feels, the baby will feel the same. Some women can’t sleep due to the baby’s movement and breathing issues. They feel discomfort during the night time. Pregnant women need to eat a lot to increase the baby healthy growth development and it should be healthy foods too. We can’t eat whatever we want. Some women won’t face any issues during the pregnancy, they will enjoy each and every movements of the baby. They feel happy throughout the pregnancy journey. The gestational period is about 10 months, it may look simple but only the mother can feel what are the changes happening in their body. Whatever happens the mother should be calm and enjoy the baby’s growth. The same kind of feeling can’t be experienced at any moments in life. It is the blessing to each and every women’s in their life time.

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Calculating the baby’s movement:

After the certain period of time, mothers can feel the baby’s movement. From that point, the mothers need to calculate the baby’s movement It is the most important thing because we can’t see what babies is doing inside the mother’s womb. Only through the movement of baby we can say that the baby is active. If the baby movement is absent for more than an hour, we should rush to the hospital at once without any delays. Because it may lead to life threatening issues of the baby. Babies movements can be started to feel from the 6th month of pregnancy. Before that baby will be too small, so the mother can’t feel it exactly what is baby doing. After the 6 months baby will be big and it start to feel the changes from the surroundings too. 

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Babies will react mostly to the mother’s voice, light passing through the stomach of the mother or some tastes. Babies will like sweet a lot, so if the mother had sweet baby will start to move in joy. Mothers need to calculate or track the baby movement for every hour. It should be around 10 moves per hour. Babies will keep moving in the mother’s womb throughout the day, but at some time babies will take rest. During that time, mothers can’t feel the movements but at least two or three months can be felt. If the movements are absent for more than an hour, we can tap the baby to make active. If there are no changes still couples can rush to the hospital. Due to critical conditions, babies will fail to move in their mother’s womb. The movements need to be calculated mostly during the third trimester, because baby’s will be well grown and they can expect delivery at any time. So, it is important to calculate the movements during this phase.

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